Great Golden Lion Slots

Great Golden Lion turns out to be a game based largely around coins of varying kinds. There is an Asian feel to it too, which guarantees that the whole thing looks gorgeous. There are some random elements to note here, as you’ll see when we take you through our slot review.

Reels and paylines in action in Great Golden Lion

The game offers the usual set of five reels, but rather than giving you payline, the creators give you the chance to play all 243 ways to win instead.

Play from 20 cents for each spin of the reels

This means you’ve covering all 243 ways for those 20 cents, which is a good deal. You can look at other betting amounts too, with the maximum coming out at $10.

Should you expect special symbols to land in this game?

You can hope so, as the wild shows a series of coins connected by a ribbon through the central holes. This is powerful enough to sub for plenty of other symbols except for the gold coin on its own. This is a scatter. There are other colored coins to look for too, but the wild can replace those.

Two bonuses to check on in Great Golden Lion slots

Each bonus is randomly accessed, with the first being the hardest to reach. That’s because it is a jackpot game. To no one’s surprise, we failed to get there while playing the game as we wrote this review.

The Hold and Spin round is easier to reach, and if you get there, you will get six, eight, or 10 of the golden coins to start you off. There are six versions of the round to access, so you won’t know which version you’ve got until it reveals itself. Suffice to say there are other colored coins to find in some cases, so follow the instructions for each round to see what happens.

Is it worth checking out the Great Golden Lion slot?

Yes, for sure, especially as you can start with the demo version. There are lots of outcomes to each spin, and you never know whether one outcome might take you into a bonus feature.