Big Cat Links Slots

It's impossible not to be fascinated with big cats. They are majestic and powerful and all the things that people want to be. But they are also terrifying. Lions, tigers, cougars and other big cats roam the wild savannas, the jungles, the forests. Visit these amazing animals when you play Big Cat Links Slots. With multiple pay lines and various jackpots, this slots game gives you lots of ways to win big.

Seeking Big Cats

The game board is a soft blue color, a beautiful African savannah at night. The stars are shining down on the grassy plains, where herds of animals are feeding. But out there, the lions are the fearsome predators of the night. They are heavily-muscled killing machines, ready to pounce and roar.

But as all people know, big cats also have a softer side. While these terrifying lions and tiers and cougars and other types of ib ats are certainly deadly, they are also all related to the purring little house cats that like to rub up against your legs and ask you to play with them in sweet meows. It's hard not to love big cars. And when you're playing this slots game, you will definitely love seeing all the big cats.

Hear Them Roar

This slots game has a classic look, with five reels and three rows where big cats, familiar letters of the alphabet and colorful wild symbols appear. You will see adorable baby cub lions, mighty male lions with gorgeous manes and powerful female lionesses, the hunters of the savannah.

Unlocking a Win

The bright cold symbols can lead you to a bonus game where you unlock free spins and ultimately, unlock more money that you can win. Get enough of these shining gold symbols and you will get enough free spins to rack up a big score. But the onus game is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ways to win big.


Not only can you win by lining up the symbols on the reels, hitting wild symbols and unlocking the bonus game, there are multiple progressive jackpots you can win. Big Cat Links Slots has five different progressive jackpots that get bigger and bigger the longer you play, until eventually someone hits a jackpot and gets a lot of money. The mini jackpot is the smallest, starting at $10.00. Then, there are the minor, major and grand jackpots, with the Super Grand jackpot right at the top. This will be over $5,000.

Playing Big Cat Links Slots

Ready to venture into the wilds to face big cats and possibly find a big reward for your bravery? Look for this slots game at any online casino that offers digital slots games. The slots are a popular part of every single casino and many online casinos carry Big Cat Links Slots. Go searching for lions and tigers and big, big jackpots whenever you're feeling brave.